Upcoming Events

It’s been a busy few weeks. The book’s had a very positive reception, especially from the producers, which is gratifying.

We’ve a couple of major promotional events coming up over the next week and a bit.

Appearance on Moncrieff Show

Glynn and I will be on the Moncrieff show on Newstalk this Friday, 28th October, to talk about the book and Irish farmhouse cheese in general. Newstalk can be found nationwide on 106-108 FM, or live on the net. You can also listen back to the shows for up to 7 days from broadcast

Industry Launch

We’re delighted to announce that Senator Fergal Quinn will be launching the book on Friday 4th November to food journalists, and others associated, both directly and indirectly, with the Irish food industry in Dublin. Many thanks are due to Innovate Food Technology for facilitating this, and we’ll have a full report after the fact.

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